Being Eos Sunrise

What’s in a name?

Being Eos

Cursed with an insatiable appetite for young men and a succession of disastrous affairs by Aphrodite as revenge for sleeping with her love-interest Ares, Eos might not be the most obvious choice of nom-de-plume.

Eos, the Greek goddess of the sunrise, is often depicted as winged and bedecked in flowers, ‘rosy-fingered’ as she brings daylight to the world. Frequently however, her vital role in daily existence is upstaged by depictions of her struggles with her various lovers.

I am not a morning person, to my knowledge have never slept with Ares or pissed off Aphrodite, but I do know a bit about the trials and tribulations of dating, love and sex.

I am the go-to person for advice on everything from first date ideas to advice on myriad sexual acts for most people I know, my mother inlcuded(!)  And I am always keen to further my knowlegde and encounter new perspectives that challenge my own.

Become a voyeur to my world of love, heartbreak, sex, dating and liberation. It’s strewn with a few bruised hearts and limbs (mine for sure) but it’s some sort of work in progress, a journey, a challenge.

Being Eos Sunrise

Please be aware that this blog contains some explicit content, and that the scenarios depicted in the erotica are not condoned, but merely figments of imagination.

Have a question? Need advice? Get in touch or comment below.


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