We broke up by text? 


The guy I was seeing and I have parted ways – amicably, but definitely over. In the end I was too liberal and unaccommodating and he was too traditional and insecure. We tried compromise but the compromises we reached were unsatisfactory in different ways for each of us. 

Last night felt like a goodbye and although I got home and slept well, I woke up this morning thinking that it had to end. By the time I reached the office I was determined. I walked into a meeting but resolved to message him after. For whatever reason, ending it by message seemed the best option. It seemed natural to do so. Last night as we sat in the car when he dropped me home it felt like the end. All that we needed were the words. It’s not usually a practice I hold with but this time it seemed right.

Anyway, clearly he thought so too because half way through the meeting he messaged me to say it was over. He actually sent me an essay-length message but the first line told me all I needed it to. I couldn’t read it in full in the meeting but replied to say yes I agreed and I’d read the message later but I also felt we needed to end things. I was just super peeved he had got there first. Ridiculous, isn’t it? After the meeting ended I read the rest of his message. We wished each other well and that was that.

Wow that sounds so clinical. So sanitary. Like we’re rocks or cyborgs. I think we just recognised we had run our course. We hadn’t been together all that long and hadn’t built up significant emotional attachment, just a sense of calm and comfort around one another. We weren’t meshing on an ideological level though and I think had we tried to make it work longer we could have done a lot of harm to one another. Sometimes it’s just right. I imagine it’ll be a little odd seeing him for a bit but we’ll manage. We’re both mature enough to handle fall out without falling out…I think.

In any case I am still nowhere near ready to be in serious relationship, so perhaps it is for the best that it ended so soon, before we had a chance to get painfully emotionally embroiled.


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