What do you want?

Being Eos, Love

I want to surround myself with people whose company I enjoy, whether as colleagues, friends or lovers.

I want to feel unimpeded by convention or social pressure in life. Morality (if it is a truly ethical point and not petty-minded) is a different matter, and will be observed.

I want to smash through the glass ceiling, elegantly. 

I want to be challenged and rise to meet those challenges.

I want to help people by looking after them, giving them a shoulder to cry on, an ear to listen, hugs, and advice when I feel qualified to give it and baked goods when I don’t.

I want a family one day but I don’t mind if it is unconventional.

I want greyhounds to be treated better and for greyhound racing to end all together.

I want broccoli.

I wrote this some time ago and just turned it up on my phone. It made me smile. Maybe it will make you smile too?

I’m as interested in what I chose not to include as what I did, now I look at it. Here are the things I think I missed. Another day I’m sure I’ll find more, others.

I want love. Romanitic, erotic, passionate, mutually fulfilling love. But I didn’t say it that day. Did I just take it as a given?

I want nurturing relationships, but also one that pushes me and my partner(s) to be our best selves.

I want to get past experiences that hold me in their thrall. I want to defy them, to rise above them, to vanquish the ghosts that still haunt me.

I want health and happiness for my friends, my family, myself, everyone really, whether I know them or not.

And then there’s that old ‘I want doesn’t get’ saying. These are things I want but I am not demanding them; I will work for them, hope for them, fight for them, except in the case or brocoli, which I will most likely just buy. I’ll get some strawberries while I’m at it too…

What is it that you want?


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